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On the Ritual of Tea

It is a symphony for the senses.  The gentle whistle of the boiling kettle; the soft murmur of tea leaves being poured into a strainer like grains of sand slipping through an hourglass; the first splash of hot liquid hitting the teacup; the fragrant steam washing over your face. 

And that first sip.  Nothing compares to that first sip of a fresh cup of tea.  The welcoming hot brew on your tongue, washing away the wrinkles of the day.  Your hands wrap around the ceramic mug enjoying the heat radiating from it, wrapping around your fingers like cozy mittens. 

You contemplate this as you watch your tea brew in a hand thrown ceramic teapot.  You peer into the pot's open top to see leaves unfurling like tiny dancing figures gliding through the hot water. 

Earlier you stared into your pantry, debating what tea to brew.  A black tea would be the ultimate refreshing burst of energy, but you dismiss the Earl Grey and smokey Lapsang Souchong before you because they belong to your office time. They are the beverage of Victorian ladies and Sherlock Holmes respectively, reminding you to move through your day with grace and awareness.  No, you need something else now.  You sift through your green teas, all promising that meditative calm and clarity, but push further still to your own herbal blends--not teas at all, really, but herbal steeps.

These herbs call to you, the soothing balm to your soul. The tulsi and raspberry leaf fill the pot with a delicate, earthy perfume that washes over your face in a gentle warm mist.  It is time to pour.  You savor your cup while gazing out the window at the bare tree branches.  And when the tea is gone your eyes fall to your empty cup.  You see stray leaves sticking to the bottom of it, teasing you with glimpses of your future if only you knew how to read them.

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