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New Year's Resolution: Daily Meditations on the Magic of Everyday Life

I am sitting at my writing desk looking at the tree outside my window and thinking about this past year.  It occurs to me now in the gentle quiet of my apartment that I've spent quite a bit of 2013 talking to friends, family, and fellow teachers and yogis about finding that perfect work-life balance. We each of us went through various bumps in the year, both professionally and personally, and each bump made us reflect on how we can live more gently, with more grace.

How do we find the beauty and the majesty of life as we go about our daily routines? How do we remember to value these routines when we find ourselves grappling with the challenges life inevitably throws our way?

There is no easy answer to these questions of course. But I have found that the simple act of talking about them has made me more aware of the magic in my life: many good people to grapple these metaphysical questions with, a hot cup of home-blended tea to mull these thoughts over, and numerous other small pleasures that make life worth living.

In honor of these conversations and my own increasing need to make more space in my life for self-care and reflection, I've decided to dive into my next adventure: daily meditations on the magic of everyday living and learning.

I'm creating space to ponder the wonder of daily life--not the big giant adventures of world travel or the lofty topics education reform, but the simple small bites of hedonism (the favorite yoga pose or the evening bubble bath) that we gobble up every day like salted dark chocolate coated caramels.  

In these little delights lie simple lessons of saner, gentler living. So if you are like me, searching for a daily reminder of life's wonders, join me at Enchantment Learning and Living to read and discuss my daily meditations on mindful living! 

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