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On Reading Late into the Night

You've lost track of time.

You know it's late, but you refuse to glance at your clock for fear the little green numbers will pull you out of the magic spell the book has cast over you.  

It's just one more page--to see what happens--yes, just one more.  Really, you should just finish the chapter--yes, that's a good stopping point--except you still don't know what happened to the heroine or if the hero will ever escape his captors.  It only makes sense to keep going, letting the words on the page run through you like sand through an hourglass. 

You are safely cocooned inside your blankets, the soft lamplight keeping sleep at bay.  You know tomorrow will be better for a full night's sleep.  Yet you know, just as well, that even if you were to put the book down, you would only stare at the little cracks and lines in the ceiling and whittle away the hours speculating. Wondering about what could happen, how your heroes could have done things differently, why they didn't see the clues earlier as they were so plainly laid before them.

So you read just a little more.

Truly, it would not do the novel justice if you were to break off reading at such a pivotal moment, as if you would suspend the characters in that scene, freezing them until you could return to your book, find that right page, and begin again. 

You press on, enjoying the naughty feeling of being up past your bedtime.

Your eyes betray you first--they droop and flutter, even as they try to squeeze in one last sentence.  Then your hands, too tired to hold the book up any longer.  Your head tilts to the side, your cheek on the pillow.  But the story had not left you--only the page--as your dreams pick up where you left off and play with the loose threads of plot not yet sewn into the larger tapestry.

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