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On Figuring Out What to Write About

You've been on a roll lately, writing about this bubble bath and that morning walk.  But today you mull over each new topic and discard them one at a time as if they are cards in a tarot deck and you aren't quite ready to hear what they have to say, although you know you will eventually return to them.

If you had more time, you would write a little on that topic and a little on another, until one sucks you in completely and you're off and running, spinning out words until you've said what you needed to say.  But the time between coming home from work and going out to tea is limited.  Each minute slips by in a flurry of dinner preparation and the transformation from teacher to person.  No.  It's not your normal routine, not the leisurely evening you usually enjoy, the unhurried unrolling of the night conducive to writing and reading. 

Your dinner is heating on the stove.  You have changed from your teacher uniform into your civilian jeans and boots; there is nothing left now but to return to your words.  Then it hits you: what greater joy is there than to ponder writing--the luxury of worrying a topic in your mind like it's a frayed piece of yarn in your hand? 

That's it.  It's there within your reach.  You've found it.  You sit at your desk and begin the daily ritual again.  You put fingers to keys and write.

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