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Bubble Bath Lover Gift Basket

It is a well-known fact that I love a good bubble bath.  I love it even more when I can soak for a good long while, drinking a cup of tea or glass of wine, and getting lost in a good book.  When the water cools, the tea (or wine) cup is empty, and the bubbles have all faded, I can seek consolation in homemade soap, body scrub, and lush body butter to finish off my decadent bath indulgence.

Over the years I have found that there are others like me.  We have even compared notes: to read or not to read? (Always read!) What brand of foaming bubbles creates maximum frothiness for the longest amount of time?  (The answer BTW is Everyday Shea Bubble Bath.)  Wine or tea?  (I tend to go both ways on this one, depending on my mood and the time of day.)  Whatever your stance on these all important big life questions, any bubble bath lover agrees that a gift basket stuffed with just-for-you bath time goodies will never go amiss!  I break my bubble bath gift basket into four parts: the literature, the beverage, the bath, and the aftermath pampering products:

1.  The Literature: Choosing the right book for your bath is like a science.  You want something you can get lost in, but also light enough to help you relax and wash away the worries of the week--no Tolstoy or Hugo here! A holiday themed cozy mystery like the one featured in the photo below works well for the cozy reader in your life, but you can also never go wrong with old pulp books or cheesy paperbacks with fun covers.  And stick with paperbacks--hardbacks are too nice to risk a dunk in the tub.


2.  The Beverage: This depends entirely on the type of bubble bather you are.  For the tea lovers, I stick with a small jar of a soothing herbal tea, like my Soothing Mint Tea or Winter Wellness Blend.  For the wine lover, you can include a half-bottle of wine and a pretty plastic wine glass in your basket (any bubble bath pro knows that a sturdy shatterproof glass is your safest bet when you want to indulge in the tub).

3.  The Bath: I love whipping up a mixture of my Weekend Head Start Bath Mix and including a little vial of my favorite bubble bath so that the receiver has all the makings of a nourishing bath ready to go.

4.  The Aftermath: These are the treats that your bath lover near then end of their soak, like nice soaps, scrubs, and body butters.  Stick to a scent theme on this one--you can check out my Holiday TLC Gift Baskets for ideas!

At the end of a long day, your favorite bubble bath pal (or buddy--who says bubble baths are meant to be taken solo?) will thank you for this thoughtful basket of treats!

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