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On the Power of 'Yes'


Yes to singing in the car on your way to work.  Yes to the weekend mid-day bubble baths when you should be grading papers.  Yes to the impromptu visits to the herb store.  Yes to watching the sun set. Yes to the joyful moments that impregnate your day--the ones too often looked over in a hurry to get from here to there. 

Yes to a good day at work.  Yes to a good lesson plan and absolutely yes to the students who take you by surprise and take that carefully scripted agenda in a different direction.  Yes to feeling your might as a force in your field. 

Yes to listening to the birds, yes to tuning out the mindless chatter of others.  Yes to the afternoon cup of tea--and yes to a second cup.  Yes to losing track of time because your enjoyment turns time into an irrelevant construct invented by the bored and tiresome.  Yes to getting lost in the magic of the day.

Yes.  Yes.

Yes to dressing like a fictional character and yes to living out loud.  Yes to collecting jewelry and crystals like a magpie collects shiny treasures and yes to wearing them all at once without rhyme or reason.  Yes to writing who knows what--a poem, a list, a blog entry--and enjoying its amorphous exuberance.  Yes to living your creed

Yes to the power of your no's and yes to the power of your yes's.


Just hell yes. 

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