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On An Unexpected Friday Morning at Home

It is not quite the snow day you had hoped for the day before.  Although the trees are still coated in white crystals and there are patches of ice on the grass, most of the snow has melted, leaving behind only bracingly cold air and a pleasurable hush.

Still, it feels as if it is a snow day.  Your meetings have been canceled one by one, toppling like a string of dominoes after the first push.  Afternoon plans have melted with the snow too for one reason or another.  It is as if the world has granted you an honorary snow day: no important things to do or places to rush off to. 

You linger over your morning coffee, aware of the fact that you would be applying your last swipe of mascara and hurriedly stepping into your shoes now if you still had those meetings.  Instead, you putter around the house makeup-less in a cozy cardigan. 

You are hesitant to fill up this time stretched out before you; you want to continue to feel the abundance of this moment as you fill the kettle with hot water for tea and then step out onto your patio to breathe in the winter air. 

There will be plenty of other Fridays to venture from your home and flit from one activity to the next.  But today is not that day.  So instead you linger on your porch to savor this unexpected gift and the sweet slowness of the morning.

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