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On the First Bird to My Bird Feeder

I would like to thank you, brave soul, the first to venture into my homemade bird feeder. 

Built from a small blue colander, fishing wire, and more gumption than crafting know-how, it was my ode to spring, my gesture of goodwill to you lovely birds that fill my mornings with sweet songs and my nights with quiet lullabies. 

How long I have been courting you, dear birds!  How long have I been scattering seeds around the perimeter of my little patio--advertising the new restaurant in town.  Yet still my feeder sat, filled with too much birdseed, forlorn and untouched by anything but this brash March wind. 

I know the perils you face dear birds--the cats living above me make no secret of their desire to have you visit their patio.  I spied them one night, sipping wine after a long day at work.  I looked up to find their little heads peeking over their patio awning to peer into mine. 

Aha!  I told myself.  It is the cats that have scared you birds away.  I will give you a safer place to feed.  So I put my bird feeder safely inside my patio, away from the prying eyes of cats.  I scattered more seed.  I waited.  I hoped.  Eventually, I began to reconcile myself to the fact that none of you would visit. 

It was in that frame of mind that I once again went out to my patio to enjoy a glass of wine.  And there you were--my brave little friend!  My one lone adventurer who risked the cats and dove into my bird feeder and gobbled up seeds.  I thank you.  What's more, I'll put out more bird seed for you.  For you and your friends.  Please come again--soon!

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