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On an Afternoon Walk

You hadn't planned to take a walk.

There were things to do, tasks to accomplish.  But the afternoon called to you, beckoning you from your perch at your desk, luring you outside to bask under the tender caress of the soft spring sun like a kitten stretched out under a plot of light by the window. 

It is fresh air you needed.  You know that now that you are walking--the cool breeze with the faint hint of spring in it, the smell of dirt and dry grass and sunlight.  You take in one long breath, then another, and another, letting your chest expand with this intoxicating air. 

Gradually, you become aware of other things--the birds singing: finches, doves, sparrows pleasantly clamoring for attention all at once.  The sharp cries of a hawk, too, are a welcome presence as you stroll around the park.  You watch people walking their dogs or playing sports or circling the park just as you do.  Admire how the sun seems to melt away their cares; even the normally frazzled soccer moms look fresh, vibrant with the promise of spring in the air.

With each lap, you admire the homes--especially the tenderly cared for adobes--and the grounded, calm energy they represent.  Soon it is time to wind your way back to your home, the cares of your work left scattered on your desk, all but forgotten by you.

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