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On Drinking A Glass of Wine on My Patio

The day is at an end.  You have turned your teacher clothes over for yoga pants and a comfy top.  Your hair is loose around you.  Your bare feet enjoy the feel of the earth kissing their naked pads.  All thoughts of school are fading quickly under the magic of the evening's cool air, the soft cooing of doves, and the chilled glass of white wine in your hand.

You sip from your glass, savoring the dry flavors of grapefruit and basil.  The cool liquid rolls over your tongue and down your throat, just as the sun sets a little lower in the sky.  You know you should probably turn your attention to the news soon but for now your relish the simple quiet after a day of noise and bustle. 

The city itself seems to be winding down for the night, relinquishing its fast pace for calmer hours as if it were a person, undoing its neck-tie before unlocking the front door.  You take another sip of wine, relishing how the herbaceous flavor warms your belly and loosens your limbs. For a moment, you are nothing more than you--a quiet soul, enjoying a quiet night.

You take another sip and close your eyes; underneath the mellow birdsong, you hear the gentle murmur of traffic as people head home, looking forward to a hot meal and a couple of hours doing nothing.  Nothing--nothing more than gazing out at the world from the humble perch of your patio, mind blissfully focused on nothing in particular, nothing but the gentle grace of a day coming to a close. 

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