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...& 10 Things I Will *Actually* Accomplish Over Spring Break

....Yes, there is always the lofty plans, as I said in yesterday's blog.  And then the Friday before spring break comes.  You grade your last paper, send off your last email.  Suddenly all the excitement that has been building up inside of you, waiting for this moment of freedom is released, leaving you with nothing more than a gentle tiredness.  So here is my more realistic list of what I will *actually* get done!

1. Sleep in--a lot.  Like a lot. 

2. Read for fun books.  I've got a cozy mystery I need to finish and an epic fantasy novel I want to start. 

3.  Take naps.  Long, deep naps.  The kind where you lose track of time and when you wake up, you don't know what day it is.  Those kinds of naps.

4.  Stay up late watching old movies and favorite TV shows.  Yes, I love stories.  I need them always, in any form.  It also feels kind of exciting to stay up past my bedtime when I don't have to teach.

5.  Drink wine on my patio.   Because watching the birds and enjoying the sight of my healthy herbs plants is wonderful...especially when I don't have a stack of papers to grade.

6.  Take long walks to feel the sun on my skin and hear the birds singing.

7.  Take long bubble baths.  Books and wine welcome. 

8.  Do yoga.  Hot yoga.

9.  Cook--but only easy, simple meals inspired by the season (goodbye plans for ambitious cooking experiments).  Radish-avocado salads, here I come!

10.  Rest and goof around. This is the most important one.

Let's face it, spring break is all about recharging your batteries, literally shaking off the wrinkles and responsibility of your usual routine and losing track of time.  To all my teacher friends out there, I hope your spring break is as full of lollygagging as mine!

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