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On Getting Sh** Done

You feel like a boss.

Your week started with more than you knew how to handle, carry-overs from last week: tasks put off in order to deal with unexpected bumps in the road, piles of essays to grade taller than yourself--even in heels.  Procrastination was not in your vocabulary.  It was, in truth, the stuff of anxiety dreams.  You knew there would be no relaxation until that mountain of work was reduced to a small speck of dust.  No evening glass of wine enjoyed, no yoga fully given over to. 

There was only one thing to do: get shit done.

The hours before you unrolled like one long 80s montage dubbed to a Spanish pop soundtrack: clipping through papers and answering emails and cranking out those lesson plans.  Onward!  Watch as the pile of ungraded essays is reduced to one final late paper.  Bob your head to the beat of Belanova as you see the last of that online training. 

Between one day and the next, you found yourself with a to-do list whose entries had been crossed through one after another, until you were left with nothing but horizontal black lines, proof of your progress. 

This, this is getting shit done.  And the post-yoga glass of wine?  That's enjoying your boss status.

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