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On Lingering Over a Cup of Coffee at a Cafe

It is your favorite cafe and the perfect morning to linger over a cup of rich coffee.

It is still cool out, but the day already hints at the warm afternoon to come. The mountains frame the city in the distance, and the blue sky is streaked with ribbons of cotton.  It is a lazy day, meant for lingering over your morning brew and maybe later puttering in the garden.  But for now, you are content to nurse that cup and just be.

The coffee is rich and thick--bold cowboy coffee that wakes your sleepy cells up and yet soothes at the same time.  You half-heartedly flip through the local newspaper, finding yourself, as always, paying more attention to your weekly horoscope than any of the more in-depth articles.  

Eventually, you abandoned your tentative hold on the paper in favor of people watching--the couple holding hands to the right of you, the old friends catching up over breakfast, the late-for-work take-out worker bees.  All are part of the gentle hum of the morning, the sweet cacophony of daily living.

You take one last sip of your coffee, now only an almost-cooled puddle at the bottom of your cup.  Your thoughts turn toward gardening, maybe even reading a novel on your patio, your plants and the sunshine your quiet companions.  Yes, time to rejoin the rest of the world in their steady industry.  As you slowly make your way to the exit, you can still taste the rich caramel of the coffee on your lips.  You marvel at such a taste and the gentle promise of a slow day ahead of you.


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