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On Watching the Robin Build Its Nest

It is far too cold out today for it to really feel like spring, certainly too cold to muster the energy for the potted gardening plans you had been only too eager to work on when it was warmer.  Your breath streams out in thick white clouds before you as your venture out onto your patio.  You feel winter's fingers hugging the earth for one last time, before letting it go--wistfully almost, as if winter knows that as soon as it's gone, nature will turn to another lover, spring, where it will happily settle into the new season's warm embrace.

The robin in the tree, however, feels none of this.  For this bird, winter is already good as gone.  And so it flits from tree to tree, gathering brittle leaves and other ephemera to build its nest.  Spring is here.  There is much to do.

You watch this robin swoop down to the ground, gathering dried grass in its beak, hopping over the empty fountain, in search of stray bits of thread and fluff for its new home.  In the cold that is almost too much for you to bear, even snuggled in your plush robe, you can't take your eyes off this bird as it takes its treasure.  What others might see as debris and nature's castoffs, this bird uses to build itself a shelter nestled in the crook of two gnarled branches high up in the tree outside your window. 

This robin builds its home tenderly, tucking dried grass here and there into the folds of its perfectly round nest, fussing over the sticks and leaves that make up the plush foundation of its home.   Busy, busy.  The home must be built for soon it will be time to settle in and lay those eggs, to care and nurture that new life.

Finally, the cold has got the best of you, and you make your way inside, but not before you cast a glance at your potting soil and seeds in the corner of your patio.  Soon, soon, you will tend your home too.  You will flit here and there, gathering supplies for your garden.  You will fuss over the seeds and the arrangement of pots.   You will even leave out bits of dried plants and thin strips of bark for the robin.

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