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On Daydreaming

Some call it a waste of time.  They don't know any better. 

They don't know that those stolen moments at work fantasizing about your upcoming trip abroad--museum hopping in Barcelona, fresh croissants to greet a Parisian morning--these ephemeral dreams are like fertile seeds planted in your mind.  If you tend them long enough, they will eventually grow into fruition. 

You remember looking at magazines as a child, marveling at the glossy pictures of exotic places, dreaming about what it would be like to taste genuine fish and chips or take a stroll by the River Seine.  And now, now you are traveling.  Those seed-dreams have been fed on a steady diet of rose-colored reveries and fertilized with hope.  Now, now your daydreams have spun themselves into reality.

You marvel at this magic as you putter in your patio garden after work, struck again by another daydream made into a luscious reality.  This one took years--countless hours of seemingly unending days dreaming, tending to those fantasies of being back in your desert land, with a home all your own, a garden bursting at the seams with herbs.  A gentle life of teaching, writing, living.  Yes, that dream took some time, but here it is in the waking world.

You have little patience for the non-dreamers and more than a little pity.  For you know that this magic is real, those what-could-bes flitting around in your mind like delicate butterflies waiting for the moment to slip into this world and stretch their wings from sky to earth. 

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