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On Chamomile

It is the soft yellow heads you see first, then thin white petals dried into healing slivers. You smell ripe apples and rich earth next, the sweet graininess of the little flower a soothing potion when steeped in hot water.

Gingerly, you gather a small handful of these fragile little flowers and funnel them into your tea strainer which you then nestle into the arms of your favorite fat tea mug.  

You pour hot water, freshly boiled, into your mug, enjoying the sweet steam that rises to kiss your face; it is the perfume of sweet grass and sun-warmed fruit that laps over your skin. 

You watch the flowers bloom anew in your mug, the white petals unfurling and then dissolving into the warm liquid. 

When it it is time, you remove the strainer from your mug, leaving behind only a thick healing concoction the color of yellow straw--your own liquid sun cupped between your hands.

You take a sip, letting it wash your throat and course through your body, at once attracting abundance and repelling unwanted energies--if lore is to be believed.  

Just one sip of the brew from this apple-scented flower and you are convinced.  Inside and out, it has cocooned your body in its warmth, sheltered you from that which you don't need and saving you for that which you do.

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