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On Reasons I Love My Home

First, it's the way you don't have to wear real clothes--or any clothes at all if you don't want to.  You can let your hair down and not bother to comb it.  You can walk around with bare feet, relishing the feel of the ground beneath your soles. 

Second, it is where you surround yourself with the things you love--and keep out the things you don't.  All your books are loving piled on your bookshelves, a riot of multicolored spines, some rigid and sitting up straight like good little hardbacks, other cracked at the seams, their thin paper covers wearing the memory of the countless times you've read them.  Your knitting--that turquoise blue blanket you started forever ago and will continue working on until forever--is always right where you left it, on the couch, ready for another knitting session.  Your writing desk is an open invitation to sit and dream or gaze out at your patio garden.  Even your kitchen is exactly how you want it to be: ready at a moment's notice for cooking, baking, conjuring up tea blends.  It is as if it knows the pleasure of being always fully stocked for anything from a simple lunch to an impromptu visit from your sister just as you do.

Third, you don't have to answer the door if you don't want to. You can lose track of time, let the hours unravel before you in the safety of your sanctuary without bother or worry.  You feel no obligation to join the rest of the world when they come knocking, only a sweet satisfaction that you can linger in your space just a little longer.

Fourth...the list can go on and on.  You will content yourself, then, with saying just this: the reasons you love your home are varied and unending, just as the stash of flouncy dresses and colorful skirts in your closet seemingly are.  You love your home because it molds itself around you, always a reflection of your energy, your constant nurturing of simple pleasures, quiet moments of bliss, a life rich in nourishing enjoyment.


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