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On Toast

It is a humble offering to the morning, but so delicious.

You had a lazy start to the day, luxuriating in the fact that it is mid-week, but you, you with your summer teacher schedule, can sleep in and treat this Wednesday as a Saturday or Sunday.  Even the thought of whipping up an egg or making some oatmeal is too much.  It would disturb the slow tranquility coursing through your veins.

But you must eat.  And toast, toast is the answer.

It is only worth eating if it's made from quality bread--in this case, a whole wheat loaf from your favorite bakery.  You slice off a thick piece and pop it in the toaster, making sure it gets that nice brown crust, not quite burnt but thick enough to leave a soft center underneath that crispy shell.  Then comes the butter, liberally slathered on--you mustn't be stingy.  You know some then prefer jam, but for you, the magic is in that simple marriage between toast and butter. 

You take your treat, along with a fresh cup of coffee and a small dish of blackberries, to your patio, where you linger over the morning paper, the little finches greeting you with their trill song.  You take a bite of toast, letting the earthy flavor of the wheat and butter roll over your tongue.  You offer a bit of crust to the birds--but not too much, as you want to savor this treat yourself.  Bite by bite you devour your simple breakfast until there is nothing left but a few crumbs on your fingers and a little butter on your chin.

You gaze wistfully at your plate: empty save for a scattering of crumbs.  Before you can talk yourself into another piece of toast, you press your coffee mug to your lips and sip the decadent brew.  Your coffee, your berries, the cool morning air remain your consolation, now the toast is gone.

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