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On Buying a Bouquet of Flowers

You couldn't help yourself.

There they were at the front of the store, a riot of colors stuffed into tall tin buckets, each flower vying for your attention like some flirt who can't help herself--it's nothing personal, she does it to everyone who walks by. The sunflowers and daisies call to you with their bright happiness, sunlight springing from their petals.  The snapdragons and irises lure you in with their intricacy--the purple irises still tight in their buds, unwilling to blossom quite yet, the snapdragons asking you to play with their delicate mouths that open and close under your gentle touch, less snap and more first-kiss.


You settle, finally, on a mixed bouquet for its compelling arrangement of pink daisies and purple mums (you think--they could be another flower unknown to you, but lovely all the same), shy lilies with all but one yet to fully bloom, and little yellow wildflowers that might not have a name.  You don't need these flowers.  Not really.  They won't feed your belly, nor serve a useful household purpose like the baking soda you later put into your grocery basket.  But there is something to their whimsical elegance, something to buying a bouquet of flowers, that puts you in the mood for picnics and long afternoons reading outside. 

They add softness to your day and more than a little grace.  You can picture them now, nicely trimmed and tucked in one of your small mason jars on the kitchen table, perhaps.  Or on your nightstand ready to greet you with the sunrise.  Like the ribbons you collect, or the sea glass, your bouquet of flowers brightens your home, lifts your spirits, reminds you that it is okay--necessary even--to indulge your senses; true they will fade and the water they sit in will thicken into a swamp-like goo.  But while they are fresh and bright and colorful, they feed your soul and remind you that some of the best pleasures exist in the space between one moment and the next. 

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