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On Restocking Your Refrigerator

At last!  You finally get the chance to restock your fridge.  The week was a study in making some hastily bought lettuce, eggs, beets, last until you could go grocery shopping properly.  Your fridge has stood forlornly in the corner of your kitchen, almost empty except for a stray bread end and your meager staples.  This simply will not do.

It is sweet relief to enter the store, to fill your cart with fresh basil and wine and aged Gouda cheese--the essentials.  Your heart is light as you pile on the berries that have suddenly come in-season while you were away, yes they will fill your shelves nicely.  And you cannot live without radishes.  Or organic lemons.  Or, frankly, dates.  So in your cart they go.

Then there is the question of dinner for the next few days.  You already know your weekend breakfasts will be omelet filled (you select heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet onions).  The heat makes you crave nothing but crisp salads, light fish, fresh fruit.  You feel a menu forming in your head: salt and pepper calamari with beet and radish salad.  Then pesto pizza with those heirloom tomatoes the next night.  You even eye the apricots--not quite ripe yet, and wonder if you can turn them into a 5-minute refrigerator jam.  Your mind cannot stop forming recipes, meals, kitchen experiments. 

At home again, you unload your bounty into your now happy refrigerator, marveling at its shelves, almost bursting with whole foods. You must celebrate.  You take the freshly-made sparkling water and mix it with grapefruit juice and basil simple syrup (newly made with the basil only just purchased) for a festive mocktail; happy to once again have an arsenal of goodies at your disposal, ready for anything from a simple meal to an impromptu get-together with family.  You try to enjoy your drink on the patio, but it doesn't last.  You find yourself in front of the fridge, enjoying your modern day cornucopia, sipping your drink.  It is good to be home.

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