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Post-Helping-Sister-Move-Bubble-Bath...more tomorrow!

Yup.  The title pretty much says it all.  I helped my sister and her husband move into their new home this weekend to prepare for the baby on the way.  It went well and fairly smoothly...as far as moving goes.  We had lots of help from his family and ours so we were able to get a lot done.  That said, there were the inevitable unexpected complications and long hours and takeout food and all the things that come with moving.  It is picking up the entire contents of your home and setting it up somewhere else, after all.  How could it not be just a little chaotic? There were, of course, lots of giggles and bubbly drinks and celebrations too!

That said, I've just finished helping them for now and all I can think about is the longest, hottest, bubbliest bubble bath in the world.  And a dirty gin martini.  Possibly at the same time I take my bath.  So what if it's only noon?

But I promise to bring you more tomorrow once I've had the world's longest bubble bath followed by the world's longest nap!

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