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On S'mores

They are the perfect July dessert: messy, unfussy, reminiscent of childhood summers where you lost track of time playing in the backyard all day and staying up late giggling with your sisters in makeshift tents.

True, they are nothing but graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallows, certainly not the sophisticated flavors of lemon and almond that you favor now.  Still, you have found that at least once a summer you must have this delectable treat.  It must be enjoyed after a big cookout, once the chile burgers and watermelon and sweet potato fries have been devoured.  After the dinner dishes have been cleared and cleaned and your family has had time to lounge on the grass, the sun setting in the distance, bringing a welcome coolness to your native desert.

Only then are you ready for the summer ritual of s'mores.

You have a system down: the perfect number of marshmallows to put on your stick (two). The ideal place on the grill to roast them (above the biggest flame so that it toasts your marshmallows into gooey perfection). And the exact moment to remove them from the heat and sandwich them between cracker and chocolate (right as the marshmallows turn golden brown and are in danger of sliding off your stick).  Then you pause, wait a moment for the hot marshmallow to melt your chocolate and bind your sandwich into messy heaven.  Yes, you perfected this system long ago.

You take a bite.  Marshmallows spill out of your sandwich and chocolate dribbles on your fingers.  This is no dessert for a lady nor a mannered dinner guest.  It is a dessert of summer abandonment, eaten over the grill or in the grass with nothing but sticky fingers and chocolate on your chin to show for it when it's gone--that, and a happy heart, full from a day of pure summer enjoyment.

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