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On Finishing the First Week of School

You made it.

Your reward?  A long bubble bath as you relish the fact that you get to sleep in tomorrow, that your work is done and locked away in your desk drawers for now, that you can replenish yourself in the comfort of your own home.  A bubble bath with a glass of wine.  Yes, that is a must--you made it through your first week after all.  And a book, a for-fun-book.  With glitter or dragons on the cover.  Yes, you need something to keep your mind from moving to the week ahead, to future tasks to be accomplished, future lessons to be planned.  For now, you must enjoy this one achievement: making it through your first week with only the inevitable mix-ups and little complications that a first week brings. 

You made it.

You will allow yourself to let go of your teacher-self now that you are safely inside your sanctuary, pack away those school books and to-do lists, even take off those high heels and simply soak in your tub, wash away the week and let your mind turn towards the simple pleasures that make your life so rich.  You are better at it now: the transitioning from teacher-you to just you-you, the quiet soul happy to spend the weekend reading and cooking and just being.

You made it. 

You let this one little thought roll around your mind it as if it were a delectable treat you were savoring, trying to make the taste last before it melts on your tongue.  You sink deeper into the bubbles in your bath, eventually letting even that one thought go.  You feel only the hot water, the wine, the blissful quiet.

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