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On the Autumnal Equinox

It is a celebration of the year's bounty, the richness, and abundance that came from months of living in the sun.  But now it is time to descend into the underworld.  A dark place, yes, but not made of darkness; it is the home of the inward-turning gaze, the refuge of introverts, a sanctuary of gentle solitude where you can reflect on the abundance in your outer life and nourish your inner one.

It is a union with both halves of ourselves: the balance of external and internal mirroring the equal length of night and day, bringing wholeness.  The sun and the moon are aligned in you.  For one moment, one shift of the earth on its axis, one shift of you on yours, you receive this gift.  A gift that allows you to taste what year-long union with self would be like, one whole year of honoring your dreaming and waking lives in equal parts, one whole year of your world above mirroring your world below. 

The dying rays of the sun plant the seed of balance within your fertile soil.  Though it will seem you are dormant in the coming months as you retreat to the underworld, you are really nourishing yourself, tending that seed, cultivating your soil.  Come spring your seed will unfurl into the plant it's meant to be.

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