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5 Things Hobbits Taught Me about Living the Good Life

Imagine my glee when I found out that it's Tolkien Week!   My little nerd heart went pitter-patter at the thought of a whole week devoted to the awesomeness of Tolkien (although really, isn't every week Tolkien week?).  Then I almost passed out when I found out that this past Monday, September 22, was Hobbit Day, in honor of Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday!  What can I say?  It's the little things in life that make this bookworm happy. 

I did have a moment of chagrin, wondering how on (middle)earth I was just finding out about this yearly celebration of one of my favorite authors and book series of all time.  Still, I felt like now was a good time to talk about all the things I've learned from my favorite creatures and kindred souls: hobbits.

Seriously, I grew up reading (and re-reading) these books, long before the movies (which I watched and re-watched) came out.  These books shaped the hobbit I now am: from my love of good food and even better conversation, bare feet and wild adventures, comfortable homes and long walks...the list goes on and on.  But for today, I'll settle for telling you the top five things I've learned about living the good life from hobbits!

1. A hobbit hole means comfort.  It is not enough to have a place to sleep or stash your stuff.  A home should always be a sanctuary filled with the things you love, a refuge from the world where you can nestle in your study and read a good book or head to the kitchen and always be sure of a good meal from your well-stocked larder.

 2. It's always a good time for a meal. Life is not just about surviving.  It's about enjoyment.  So too with food; it is not just about gulping down nourishment, but an important ritual, a pause to savor and enjoy the bounty of your life.  There is no better way to appreciate this than over a good meal with family and friends. 

3. Barefoot is the best way to travel. I'm not even joking about this one.  After having spent one summer in my youth walking around barefoot so I could develop hobbit feet, I've grown to love my shoe-less meanderings.   Even though I was later glad that I never got those hairy leathery feet, I still can't wait to kick off my shoes (cute as they are) and feel my soles firmly planted on the earth.

4. Adventure will always find you...so enjoy it!  The Baggins family aren't just about enjoying the richness of home--they've been known to have a taste for adventure too.  I've learned to let life take me by surprise and enjoy unexpected journeys.

5. It's the small things that matter most. This is what my blog is all about.  Our lives are built on simple pleasures, like smoking your pipe on your porch--drinking coffee in my case--or relishing the everyday magic that surrounds you.  Sometimes the biggest adventure of all is living your everyday life with gusto!


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