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All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

With Earth Day around the corner, I find myself thinking of all the super easy ways we can be eco-friendlier in our day to day routine, especially when it comes to cleaning our homes.  We often think that if we want to green our cleaning routines that we need to shell out a fortune on organic cleansers and other goods.  In reality, we can be good to our environment and our wallet by going back to basics.

This all-purpose cleaner does just that, using the anti-bacterial properties of vinegar to clean your home--a recipe I learned from my mom.  It can be used on everything from windows and bathroom sinks to the kitchen counter and floors.  I like to throw in essential oils into this mix, usually peppermint or lavender to soften the smell of vinegar.  What you're left with is a nice smelling all natural antibacterial cleaner that costs you under $1 a bottle. 


1 cup vinegar

1 cup water

30 drops essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake until combined.  Enjoy!

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