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A Homebody's Love Letters to Her Home

This week has left me craving some home time; it's been a lot of out and about, a lot of this and that at work--all good stuff, mind you, but it has kept me away from my little hobbit hole for longer stretches than I would like.   I found myself missing my home this week, eyeing my patio garden that needs a little TLC and gazing fondly at my couch, piled high with yarn for the baby blanket I haven't had the time to work on this week.  This feeling has grown so much that I am beyond excited to be tucking in after tomorrow for a quiet weekend of crocheting, reading, puttering, and writing. 

These thoughts and others made me realize how much I depend on my home, my sanctuary, to ground and replenish me after making my way in the world day to day.  So I offer you three posts I've written about the love of home.  Enjoy!

1.  On Home

2.  On Returning Home After a Long Journey

3.  On Reasons I Love My Home

What do you love most about your home?

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