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This Lady Needs Some Pampering Spa Kit

Oh yes, you know it sounds so right to be thinking of some lovely spa time right around Friday afternoon.  Sometimes a lady--or let's be honest, a gent--needs a little TLC and time to be pampered.  When you have the energy, it can be fun to have a home spa day, but sometimes even that feels like too much work and all you want is a gentle routine to help you transition from work to play.  So if you're looking for a way to kick off your weekend with a relaxing start, or just get some ideas for how to include a little more self-care during the week, check out my favorite end-of-the-week spa kit.  (And yes, I look exactly like the woman pictured to the right when I take a bubble bath, jewels and perfect hair and all.) 

1. Weekend Head Start Bubble Bath

2. Honey Face Mask

3. Hydrating Hair Mask

4. Lavender Foot Scrub

5. Women's Soothing Mint Tea

These recipes are made from simple ingredients found in your kitchen and pair well together for a total self-care experience.  The hair mask and face mask are perfect to try while you linger in a hot bath--which you should do since my Weekend Head Start Bubble Bath actually detoxes your system. After time spent drinking tea in the bath while letting these potions and lotions do their work, you will feel radiant and rejuvenated.  What bliss!

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