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On the First Kiss of Autumn

autumn kiss.jpg

Yesterday the wind whipped through your land, chasing out the heat of summer and bringing with it the first kiss of fall.  The day had started out warm, hot almost, but slowly cooled as the wind pulled clouds down from the mountains and over the city.  You had been out in the bluster long enough yesterday to feel the chill in your bones that only a bubble bath and cup of tea could cure.

This morning, the wind is gone and in its place is the heady aroma of autumn. You linger on your porch, enjoying the cool air and the gentle cloud cover.  You inhale that almost undefinable smell synonymous with this time of year: crisp air tinged with the bright green of leaves and the dusky overripe scent of your garden about ready to curl in and retire for the year.  

The weather promises a day of delicious slowness.  Autumn is slowly snaking its fingers through the earth and your heart, pulling you inward, deeper into the quiet of the season.

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